In recent times, tourists are always on the lookout for some unique experiences. Perhaps, this is why there has been a growing interest in tree house accommodations. If you’re planning a tour of Costa Rica, you can choose to book your stay in a tree house. This will, in a way, make you a valuable contributor in the forest conservation efforts.

Besides, it also allows you to enjoy an unusual experience of staying in a tree house. This is one of the best examples of trees generating more income standing rather than being felled. While getting around in this country, you’re more likely to be near a tree house.

You also have plenty of options in accommodations, such as tree house hotels and tree house resort communities. Additionally, there are tree house rentals and tree house restaurants. You’ll find a tree hostel as well. So, here are a few of our best picks from tree houses in Costa Rica:

1. Tree House Lodge

This is a collection of a few strange vacation homes located a few steps away from Playa Chiquita. The Tree House Lodge is the brilliance of a Dutchman, who taught himself architecture and created the tree house accommodations. The first floor has been constructed around a Sangrillo tree.

You’ll find a master bedroom on the second floor, which is a proper tree room. It also has a hanging bridge for the entrance. There’s another home on the property that has many trees surrounding it. The home also has a mini-golf course in the living room.

2. Nature Observatorio

Yet another unique tree house stay awaits you at Nature Observatorio. It will give you a sense of living in the canopy of a primary forest. If you want to get to Nature Observatorio, you’ll need to first take a 45-minute hike in the jungle. Then, you’ll have to undertake an 80-foot climb up a rope ladder.

It is strung over an old Nispero tree. In order to help you get to the tree dwelling, you’re strapped into a harness. The two-level, circular deck of the dwelling accommodates four individuals. Once you reach there, they’ll send you baskets with your meals.

3. Flutterby House

Staying in a tree house accommodation is certainly an upper-class thing. However, the Flutterby House located in the Uvita town of Costa Rica is an exception. This hostel offers stays on the trees that are quite affordable. There are three tree-top accommodations on the hostel property. They include two private rooms and the first tree dormitory in Costa Rica.

4. Finca Bellavista

This is the most ambitious tree house project in Costa Rica. Spread across a vast area of 600 acres, Finca Bellavista is an upscale community of tree houses. It is located on the Osa Peninsula in the Palmar Norte town’s vicinity. They send you the exact location via email once you’ve booked your stay. The individuals who own these homes offer them for rent when they’re not occupied.

Residents as well as visitors can move between homes on hanging bridges. The ingredients used in meals grow on the rainforest floor in a garden. Amenities provided in each of the homes can vary, but the high-end accommodations have kitchens, running water, and electricity.

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