Golfito has a natural charm that you’ll get to witness in the jungle that’s a part of it. It is, in fact, also an excellent base for heading towards the surrounding areas. In the afternoon when you’ve refueled yourself with a delicious lunch, you can take a boat tour. This would give you the opportunity to watch all those whales and dolphins in action.

Watching the whales and dolphins

Golfo Dulce is a deep bay that separates the Osa Peninsula from the mainland of Costa Rica. The waters of this bay are perfect for witnessing some of the country’s fascinating sceneries. On the fringes of these waters are the tropical beaches. You’ll be delighted to see the palm trees swaying to the tunes of winds. In the jungle, monkeys can be seen playing enthusiastically.

Golfo Dulce and the coastal area also teems with an abundant marine life. It includes a large number of dolphins and whales. You can see these marine beings in almost all of the coastal waters of the country. One of the major hot spots for watching them is the Osa Peninsula.

It is a habitat as well as a migration route for these marine species. Golfo Dulce itself is home to a couple of dolphin species. They are the bottlenose and spotted dolphins. You’ll certainly get to see them in the waters when you’re on your boat tour.

The bottlenose and spotted dolphins

Most of the people taking the boat tours can easily recognize the bottlenose dolphins. These marine species are famous for their playfulness and curiosity. They can be frequently seen riding the bow waves and following the tour boats. This gives tourists the chance to have true up-close encounters.

Spotted dolphins are among the fantastic acrobats of the dolphin family. You’ll enjoy watching their spectacular somersaults and leaps. Some of them can jump into the air as high as 15 feet.


You’ll also get to see the whales in action during your boat tours. They’re the humpback whales that typically travel thousands of miles during their annual journeys. Feeding, mating, giving birth, and nursing the young are a part of the journeys of these whales. The Osa Peninsula gets migrant whales from the south as well as north. It is the only place on Earth where this happens.

So, it’s hardly a surprise that there are plenty of whales and dolphins in these waters. The tour operators in the area offer tours from various points around the gulf. You can choose to book a tour with a guide on board. It’ll help you know more about the dolphins and whales besides watching them in action.

Watch other marine beings

The dolphins and whales steal much of the limelight in the waters. This doesn’t mean you’ll not get to see the other marine creatures. There are a variety of fish and turtles that you’ll witness during such tours. Among the marine beings in these waters are the mighty whale sharks.

They’re the world’s largest fish and can be spotted at certain times of the year. Some of the boat tours include water-based activities such as snorkeling and kayaking. All of these activities would make your afternoon truly memorable.

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