Ranked among the most visited destinations in the world, Costa Rica is a beautiful Central American country. Tourism is the nation’s major industry. This also makes the industry one of the country’s main sources of income. You can guess how peaceful Costa Rica is from the fact that it hasn’t had an army since 1948.

Although this country is quite small, it is home to 5 percent of the entire world’s biodiversity. The territory dedicated to conservation of nature makes up nearly 26 percent of the country. With the opening of the National Congress and Convention Center in 2018, Costa Rica has attracted many tourists. Along with this, the country has also brought in some great investment opportunities.

Owing to the excellent academic levels of the local population, multinational companies are gradually establishing their offices here. During your time spent in this part of the world, you’ll get to explore many fascinating places. Among them is the Golfito Marina Village.

About Golfito Marina Village

Golfito Marina Village is located on Costa Rica’s western coast. It sits peacefully in the protected harbor of Golfito Bay and is surrounded by a pristine rainforest. Owing to the fantastic appeal of this private marina in Golfito, it gets many visitors. Among them are the yacht owners who travel in and out of the calm waters.

Tourists visiting Golfito Marina Village can also experience a sense of seclusion. It would be a wonderful feeling for those who want to stay away from bustling crowds. Golfito Marina has been designed specifically to cater to the visiting yacht owners’ needs.

The private berths in this marina are of the highest international standards. It has a dedicated team of security personnel and marina staff. Golfito Marina also has a concierge for monitoring and catering to the needs of the superyachts. It also caters to the needs of their owners and crew members.

Throughout the resort, you’ll come across several other facilities. They include complimentary shuttle services and onsite customs and documentation processing offices.

Pick-up and drop-off zone for yacht transport

For yachts on Central and South America’s western coast, Golfito Marina is the only approved pick-up and drop-off zone. This makes it one of the world’s most coveted destinations. It is a haven for private yacht owners, as they can enjoy seamless mobility. They can travel to and from this special area without any hassles.

A friendly team at the marina is always ready to facilitate their requests and assist in their travel plans. A superyacht marina in the country never had this level of service and privacy earlier. This has made it even more appealing to residents as well as tourists.

Activities for you

While enjoying your stay at the Golfito Marina resort, you’ll get to indulge in some exciting activities. Among them are dolphin watching, jet-skiing, and luxury shopping. You’ll can have a memorable dining experience at the floating island restaurant and nightclub of this resort.

Throughout the year, many visitors also get to participate in sport fishing. You can find your perfect fishing spot with the help of the local charter companies. Many records of the IGFA have also been broken here. Of the 590 catches, 230 happened in Golfito.

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