Costa Rica has some wonderful protected habitats. The diversity of flora and fauna that you come across in this country is truly amazing. One of the most charming and tranquil places in Costa Rica that’s rich in biodiversity is Golfito. Your stay in this small town would give you the opportunity to explore its wildlife and enchanting natural surroundings.

The best time to do this is in the morning. After having your tea or coffee, you can head out into some of these places. One of them is the Golfito National Wildlife Refuge.

A walk amid pleasant natural surroundings

The best way to start your day would be to immerse yourself in nature. You’ll find jungle almost everywhere in Golfito other than the place where it borders the bay. There’ll be towering canopies of lush greenery everywhere around you. You can take a brief stroll during your visit to the Golfito National Wildlife Refuge.

Spread across a vast area of 7,000 acres, it was created for maintaining water supply in the area. This wildlife refuge plays an important role in protecting the native plants, trees, birds, and animals. It is home to many wildlife species especially in the Piedras Blancas National Park, which covers its northern boundary.

You’ll find a network of trails in this protected area. They range from short paths for strolling to the scenic vantage points. The longer and strenuous hikes would take you to the deeper jungle and remote beach areas.

The rich biodiversity

One of the wettest habitats on the planet, the Golfito National Wildlife Refuge is abundant in greenery. The trees grow to amazing heights in this part of the country. In certain places they can be about 45 meters in height. The rich foliage offers protection to many of the birds and animals in the area. Often spotted here are the toucans, along with motmots and tanagers.

While strolling through the wildlife refuge, you’ll get to witness them as flashes of yellow, red, and blue. The blue morpho butterfly will delight you with its vibrant blue wings. Growing to almost 8 inches, this is among the largest butterfly species on Earth. The mammals residing in this wildlife refuge include pacas, anteaters, and agoutis. You’ll also get to witness some native monkey species here.

One of them is the mantled howler monkey. The call of these monkeys is so loud that you can hear it up to 3 miles away. There are some endangered species in Golfito National Wildlife Refuge that are extremely shy. Some of them are the tapirs, jaguars, and cougars.

The trails

The Tower Road that runs through Golfito National Wildlife Refuge divides the entire area into two parts. It is also a trail that’s rich in nature and takes you to many of the other trails. You’ll witness some breathtaking views of the entire Golfito Bay waiting when you make it to the top.

This would feel like being rewarded for all the efforts that you’ve taken. If you don’t have the time and energy to go hiking on these trails, take a taxi. This will help you enjoy all those marvelous views without having to go hiking.

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